Stefania Metafonti

Office Manager

Stefania was born and raised near Florence and precisely in the green Mugello valley, a rural area with a strong sense of community. This idea of community and sharing is now part of her personality. Living in a rural environment taught her to appreciate simple and genuine people.

She started working at a very young age and, after various jobs in different fields, she entered the pharmaceutical sector when she was employed by Eli Lilly Italia for the document delivery in the Medical Information department. It was supposed to be a work experience of just a few months but, eventually, thanks to her persistence and desire to put herself to the test, along with the professional admiration by colleagues and clients, she remained part of this multinational company for ten years, until the branch was moved to Cork, Ireland. Those years have fostered her professional growth and have paved the way to an innovative approach to work. Getting to know different people has made her more curious as well as more extroverted towards other people(4).

Now Stefania lives in Florence with her partner Filippo and their cat Desdemona (or Desdy, as her friends call her).

Why do I work for Helaglobe?
I decided to join Helaglobe because it is a vibrant, young and innovative organisation, with a great desire for growth and whose objective is to improve the life of people with diseases. Thanks to my job, I can relieve my colleagues of organisational and administrative duties, so that they can better focus on implementing projects.

Three adjectives that best describe me:

Reflective, persistent, precise.

Three outstanding personal qualities:

Cheerful, stubborn, curious.

Three must-have qualities for my role:

Helpfulness, precision, discretion.

Inspirational people:
there are no specific ones; I believe that one can draw inspiration from anyone. Everyone, whether good or bad, can be an inspiration for improvement.

My professional goals:
to enhance my administrative skills and achieve autonomy when performing my tasks.

My personal ambition:
open a holiday farmhouse / bed and breakfast in the countryside.

Inspiring quote:
“Respect originates from knowledge and knowledge requires commitment, investment, effort.” (Tiziano Terzani)

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