To ensure business success, Market Access must become a key component of the culture of a company, permeating the behaviour of its individuals and guaranteeing the assessment of the payer’s viewpoint in all decisions relating to the product/business portfolio.

In this phase, we support clients in creating an organization of Market Access designing its infrastructure and processes so it can work effectively and in an integrated manner with the other business divisions and the consequent competence development plan.

Our partners, who are experts in the industrial world, facilitate the subsequent implementation in virtue of our motto: “We don’t tell you what to do. We do it with you”.

Key activities:

Analysis and Definition Support

MA organizational model
Definition of the best Market Access organizational model for the portfolio and business pipeline

Structure model
Definition of the organizational structure and relevant deployment

Integrated processes
Designing the work integration processes between the Market Access structure and the other business divisions

Development of competence
Definition of the necessary profiles and development of the competence models for the individual figures

Recruitment assistance
Assistance during the recruitment phase by means of individual and group assessments

Support and assistance
Development and provision of individual and group training plans

Business Plan Development
Supporting the development of the Product Business plan through the application of a method which facilitates cross-functional integration and generation of projects to satisfy the needs of patient-clinician-payer

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