Silvia Rinaldi

Junior Consultant

Silvia, a globetrotter from Umbria

A wannabe professional volleyball player; explorer and archaeologist in a past life.

Her curiosity and desire to learn new things, along with her passion for science and the complexity of its numbers, persuaded her to study first Biotechnologies and later Chemistry and Physics as part of her PhD in Computational Chemistry

As a scientist, she has carried out experiments, as well as put herself to the test, in different places, including a period of time spent in the United States, in an isolated village amidst the plains in Ohio, which looked exactly like a typical location from Clint Eastwood’s movies. She worked for several years as a NRC researcher, studying proteins, enzymes and drug design; then she started searching for a new, closer approach to people as well as a new, more practical impact on things.

For this reason, she decided to distinguish herself with a remarkable achievement: a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management from the highly challenging “Bocconi” University in Milan. 

She is currently working for Helaglobe as a junior consultant and is mainly focused on Patient Solutions trying to make the most of her wide range of expertise, while at the same time learning new things every day.

Why do I work for Helaglobe?

I work for Helaglobe because here I have rediscovered the pleasure of reinventing myself every day, looking for new solutions which may have a positive impact on people’s lives. Furthermore, every day I am motivated to see myself through new eyes so as to see the world, too, through new eyes.

Three adjectives that best describe me:

Intuitive, empathic, dynamic. 

Three outstanding personal qualities:

Curiosity, analytical skills, imagination.

Three must-have qualities for my role:

Proactive approach, open-minded, critical thinking. 

Inspiring people:

Federico II di Svevia, avid for greater knowledge and committed to enhance humankind’s potential. Ada Pace, the most famous Italian racing driver, who was able to defeat any prejudice thanks to her self-confidence.

Vincent van Gogh, a man who managed to go beyond the visible boundaries of things.

Giuseppe Garibaldi, generous idealist, ready to sacrifice himself for any cause of justice or freedom.

My professional goals:

to grow professionally; to enhance my expertise without giving up the desire to learn new things; and to take on new responsibilities without losing my enthusiasm for what I do.

My personal ambitions:

to travel, travel, learn, discover and continue to travel.

Inspiring quote:

I intend to live forever or die trying”. (Groucho Marx)

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