Sara Martello

Senior consultant

Sara is always looking forward to the next step and has always a new goal to achieve. She does not easily let herself become discouraged, rather she the opportunity in every difficulty. She has a strong and determined personality, but she is also a kind person, always ready to help, support and encourage other people. She is an inspiration for all those women who, like her, strive for a balance between being a mother and pursuing a professional career with commitment and enthusiasm. 

After graduating in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs, she began her career working for public institutions at both a national and international level. Once she earned a full-time Master’s degree in Business Administration from SDA Bocconi in 2008, her life changed and she was able to take up a career in the healthcare field, in which she has always been very interested, holding positions related to Market Access.

One of her strengths is creating from scratch: strategies, projects and plans. During her professional career she has always stood out thanks to her performance skills, promotion of diversity as well as effective and empathic management of human resources.

Born and raised in a small village in the region of Valle d’Aosta, she has lived surrounded by the highest mountains in Europe, but never thought of them as an obstacle impeding her from pursuing her dreams. The pragmatism, introspective reflection and resilience typical of mountain people have always been a privileged background, which has encouraged her to explore new personal and professional horizons. Along with a cosmopolitan mentality, she maintains a truthful bond and a heartfelt gratitude toward her native land.

At present, she is living in Rom with Stefano and their three wonderful children.

Why do I work for Helaglobe?
I decided to join Helaglobe because I wanted to face a new professional challenge in a working environment that is in line with my ideals and values and where I can improve in harmony with myself and my colleagues.

Three adjectives that best describe me:

Resilient, reliable, resourceful.

Three outstanding personal qualities:

Mental and emotional stability, initiative, dedication.

Three must-have qualities for my role:

Emotional intelligence, expertise, respect.

Inspirational person:
My grandmother Lidia, almost a mythological figure, who raised four children and seven grandchildren, worked in her little design studio with commitment, patience and cheerfulness and lived for nearly a century with strength and resilience.

My professional goals:
to strengthen, and make available to other people, all the experience I have gained so far; broaden my horizon by means of curiosity and keep on widening my knowledge endlessly.

My personal ambitions:

to climb a 4.000m high mountain and, sooner or later, earn a degree in Medicine.

Inspiring quote:
If you can dream it, you can do it” (Walt. Disney)

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