Daria Putignano


Daria started her professional career as a pharmacist, in her hometown, in order to learn. Although, at that time, she was surrounded by enthusiastic people, who were fully committed to their work, she didn’t feel comfortable in that role. Therefore, she decided to get on with her studies at the University “Federico II” in Naples, in the Interdepartmental Research Centre for Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacoutilisation, where she started from the ground up. Basically, studies on pharmacoutilisation and pharmacoeconomics were her everyday routine

She enhanced her scientific background when she specialized in Hospital Pharmacy. After a few years, she accepted a collaboration proposal with the Public Health Department of the Institute “Mario Negri” in Milan, where she graduated with a PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Science and improved her knowledge and skills in the area of maternal and infant health. 

She is author of several scientific publications in national and international trade journals and for didactic purposes.

At present she is working for Helaglobe and her objective is to make her expertise in the field of pharmacological research available to its team. She provides and shares methods for the design and implementation of Real World Evidence projects through administrative and clinical data repositories; also, she uses acknowledged and standardised methodologies to carry out systematic reviews of scientific literature, aimed at identifying needs for health and potential solutions for patients.

Over time her ideas and professional ambitions have become clearer and more definite. Today she strongly feels the need to show who she is and where she comes from, to prove her worth and to share what she has learned so far. 

She has realized that research is her passion and she carries it out with the precision she learned while studying ballet for many years. She always wants to find an answer to the questions she asks herself as well as others ask her. The more difficult and more specific the research is, the more satisfied she feels when the objective is reached. 

She likes studying, reading and looking through things in detail, so as to clear everything up to herself and to others. And she likes writing, too.

She is a wife (husband Cristiano) and a mother (son Leonardo) and, by making this choice, she has put herself to the test regardless of the fears, uncertainties and job insecurity experienced in the last few years.

Why do I work for Helaglobe? 

I have chosen Helaglobe because my values are my colleagues’ values as well: knowledge sharing, multidisciplinary expertise, cooperation, curiosity and innovation. I share and appreciate the production of valuable output based on solid scientific foundations.

Three adjectives that best describe me:

Humble, obstinate, resolute.

Three outstanding personal qualities:

Tenacity, trustworthiness, helpfulness.

Three must-have qualities for my role:

Precision, patience, working with method.

Inspirational person:

Michail Nikolaevič Baryšnikov, Russian-American ballet dancer, choreographer and actor, for the tenacity and resolution in pursuing his objectives; he exceeded his own physical limits contributing to the innovation of Western ballet.

My professional goals:

to achieve a level of high proficiency in my speciality so as to become a top expert in our society.

My personal ambitions:

to travel and devote some time to dance again in my life.

Inspiring quote:

Homo faber fortunae suae”, i.e. “Everyone is the creator of their own destiny”. I strongly believe that sacrifice and hard work are necessary but, in the long run, they always pay off.

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